Welcome to Orange Island

Have you been at a friends’ home that had just been remodeled or just built and was in ah of the tiniest little accessories you saw? When you asked, “Where did you find them?” did it seem like the answer was always the same, “Oh, Kelly from Orange Moon Interior, selected them for me.”? What if you don’t need to remodel or build a new home, how do you get your hands on the accessories you loved so much?

It’s easy here at Orland Island. Kelly Kaiser, Owner and Lead designer of Orange Moon Interiors, has partnered with several of her favorite distributors.

Now, in the comfort of your own home, curate your own treasures.

Our Products

Metal Tail Hook

After hours of walking the widow’s peak looking out for her husband on his latest whale hunt, she finally sees him, breathes easily, and returns to the warmth of her home. Once inside, she hangs up her coat on one of the metal tail hooks with a smile. Every time she looks at them, she laughs, remembering how excited she was the day she found them. After looking for years, nothing spoke to her Nantucket home as they did.

Stork Salt and Pepper Cellar

Are you looking for a way to spark conversation, or perhaps there is to be a big announcement made at your next dinner party? If you have our Stork Salt and Pepper Cellar, look no further. Are the conversations already running through your mind? Are you now laughing hysterically? Just imagine the fun you could have with a Stork Salt and Pepper Cellar.

Silver Plated Decorative Small Tray

It’s Saturday night, and you are having a get-together with your favorite couple. Of course, you will serve everyone’s favorite appetizer; caviar on dry toast with creme fraiche, chives, lemon wedges, and red onion. Since there are only four, you don’t need a large severing tray; but what can you use? Suddenly, you remember that small silver plate tray you loved so much is perfect for this occasion.

Brought to you by Kelly Kaiser

Orange Island is brought to you by Kelly Kaiser Owner and Lead Designer of Orange Moon Interiors.  Kelly prides herself in providing luxury design services to her clients.

“Listening is hands down the most important part of the design process. It is the part that makes the dreams come true.” Clients value her interpersonal skills, organizational skills, thoroughness, and talent.

“We are a creative and fun, yet practical interior decorating firm that understands every homeowner’s individual needs. People change their environments for different reasons and it’s our job to tap into that and make it sing.”

– Kelly Kaiser, Owner, and Lead Designer